2020 Week 7 : Hotas controls

Welcome back to the blog. How’s the new year treating you. This weeks topic is going to cover the 3 HOTAS or Hands on Throttle and Stick controls. I use two Thrustmaster setups the older Cougar and the newer Warthog setups. This month I’m going to go over the controls and or mods I’ve either have installed or will real soon. The third hotas is for rotary wing aircraft and it is the Pro Flight Trainer Puma. Let’s get to it. Continue

2020 Week 6: My Sim Pit

This week post is about the simulator platform or pit that I have formed. It started with a Speedmaster Flight seat/pit. I added on an optional monitor mount and put it on a platform to make it easier for my ingress and egress. I added an Oculus Rift S and 32″ curved monitor for viewing. I have multiple controls for use to simulate the various controls of the vehicles I like operating.


Impromptu post

I regularly peruse YouTube, discord and several flt sim related forums. The forums are dcs’ s, xp11’sand several others looking for cream da la cream information. Some I look for are info to make dcs and xp11 better in my eyes, not just visually but all round virtually. I’m trying to learn things to make me a meter simmer. Personified mission builder for dcs and for xp a better pilot,designer etc.

I. Looking for proper procedures on the air field, in the pattern etc. I found a simmer who has similar views and a similar career except he was an officer and I was enlisted.

As far as the pit nothing has been done yet still now lights so limited light for viewing but I a late sleeper as you can tell.

Main pc is still waiting to begin. Friend who’s building it for me is either working full time 7 days a week or deathly sic.

Laptop got the old drives out got a 4gb ssd in, took a 1 tb ssd out. Got a 2tb nvme m.2 drive in and 2 1.25 go nvme m.2 out plus there’s supposed to be a third m.2 slot on the board buy I fought with the weird mounting setup until I was finished. Now need to find 3 or more m.2 drives for os, xp11 so I’m looking thru my reserves to see what’s available. Once a the other two m.2 drives are settled on I’ll be progressing on.

As for modding the hotas Ed and other controls I;ll keep you posted.

  • 1) TM Warthog Stick – Just Another Slew Control mod by AlphaDeltaLima is complete
  • 2) TM Cougar Throttle – Magnetic sensors and usb direct pcb mod by El4y awaiting
  • 3) TM Cougar Stick -Magnetic sensors mod by El4y awaiting
  • 4) PointCtrl – mouseless vr emulator mod setup but hasn’t be tested
  • 5) TM Warthog Stick – 2x tall extensions mod by Sahaj complete hoping to get a single curved extension to replace the 2 straight extensions. I have or wheel have pull before flight storage covers for the following: tm wh stick with two extensions, tm wh throttle, th cougar hotas and finally the cover for the tm TPR pedals. I also have at least one of each of the the warthog stick springs to test and desire on which works best for me.
  • 6) TM TPR pedals – adding the damper mod to it. Status is awaiting the rest of the hardware.

Well I guess that’s enough for now once the laptop is finished with mods and software setup I’ll break in the routine and post the details and later do a complete report at the next opening. I’m also going back and checking the links are working and adding search categories.

2020 Week 5: My plans for the pit of

This week topic is going to be my plans for my vr pit. With the correct controls you’ll be able to fly combat fixed and rotary wing aircraft, civilian fixed and rotary non commercial aircraft, or commercial aircraft, and drive a race car. It all depends on the control setup. In the flying pit configurations I’m using the Thrustmaster TRP pedals. I also have the Pro Flight Trainer Puma Helicopter Control setup, but it is easier to use the thrustmaster warthog stick as a cyclic with the MaxFlight collective and the TRP pedals if I’m swapping between fixed and rotary wing aircraft.


2020 Week 4: X-Plane 11

X-Plane11 is a flight simulator developed by Lamitar Research. This is in my opinion one of the better flight simulators on the market at this time. Microsoft is trying to reenter the flt sim game but I’m not sure how long will it be before it is a stable platform. You have other flt sims based on the old ms fsx that is over a decade old although they have tried to update them but it is still 2000 architectural. XP11 has been updated regularly and keeps improving the standard for civilian flt sims.


2020 Week 3 : DCS World

Digital Combat Simulator World 2.5

What is DCS World 2.5?

Well the nice thing about dcs 2.5 is it’s free. You get two aircraft one blue, the P-51 and the Red, the SU-33 and to fly around they give you the Caucasus Terrain map. These are the two flyable aircraft all the other flyable aircraft plus about just as many non flyable aircraft are there to use as AI objects in your missions. There’re are four maps total the Caucasus, Nevada Test and Training, Normandy (mainly to simulate WWII missions,and the most recent Persian Gulf Map.

The aircraft range from 1950’s era aircraft through the 1990’s if I’m correct. You have four helicopters. The first was the KA-50, then came the rest the Mi-8, SA342, and my favorite the UH-1H Iriqous or more commonly call the Huey. Then you have a ton of fixed wing aircraft ranging from trainers like the Hawk, Yac-52, and more advanced trainers like the L-39 and C-101. You have prop aircraft from the early 50’s like the Spitfire and Fw-109 to the Korean conflict jets then on to the Cold War era Jets like the F15 and MiG 25. Then there are more migs and su models lately the AV-8, F/A-18c, F-14 and F-16C have been released. The OH-58 is coming next year

DCS is unusual in the way they release modules. They do what the call an early release for all mods. Then after that I think becomes the prerelease then when all systems and bugs are fully working it it hit final release. So your first opportunity to fly an aircraft might be just the basic flight systems with the comm and nav systems the simplest or already available weapons that don’t need any work other implementing it in this aircraft. After the first couple of weeks and the bugs are corrected you’ll get another weapon system or radar system they keep adding tweaking until the punch list is complete. Meaning all predetermined systems are included and for the most part bug free. What I mean by that it seems every now and then a dcs update an aircraft system.

The last module for sale are what they call campaigns. Campaigns are a collection of linked missions either for advanced training like the red flag missions in NTTR or. Actual combat or rescue missions like the Normandy campaign. To proceed to the next mission you must complete you primary and or secondary goal in your current mission.

This covers the dcs world, and the three types of mods for sale to addon or increase your scope of the Combat Simulator. Later on I’ll escort you through the main areas of dcs world like the desktop the upper tabs Module manager, options, on-line/off-line or the right hand menu list where your instant action mission gateway, mission builder gateway, campaign gateway, mission gateway, training gateway, mission editor gateway, encyclopedia gateway are. Down along the bottom is a scrolling row of tiles. Each tile has several uses to buy the mod if you haven’t already, configure you desktop image with the mod and news.


2020 week 2 My Acer Predator 17X laptop_h

When I needed a new laptop for VR I looked on the internet for a top of the line gaming machine . I came across the Acer Predator 17x and its specs sold me so I ordered it and haven’t been disappointed.

It arrived shortly later I fired it up and it was ready in no time due to the ssd gum drive the os is on. The drives are set up like I would a smaller speedy drive for running the os and fltsims the bigger slower drive for a library drive or storage for archival purposes. It has 32gb main ram and 8 gb vram.

I quickly installed the oculus software and my vr adventure begins. Besides fltsim my other hobby is shooting so I have several shooting simulations loaded along with a driving simulation.

Let look at the Predator 17 X in detail.