For Sale

Ok since going to vr I have a bunch of hardware sitting going to waste. I’ll list it here if interested contact me with an offer plus shipping and we will go from there.

1) vrinsight proppit iirc is what’s it call it’s the full size c-172 setup

2) saitek yoke with throttle quadrant plus an additional throttle quadrant with 1 broken arm.

3) saitek pedals non combat ones

4) saitek switch panel

5) 2ea radio panels

6) saitek panel with gear handle

7) saitek autopilot panel

8) wheel pro stand for saitek

9) saitek trim wheel

10) saitek x-56 hotas

11) Thrustmaster twcs Throttle

12) vkb gladiator

13) vkb pedals

14) 32” touchscreen monitor

15) I have a bunch of fsx payware if interested contact me and I will find what I can.

16) oculus rift cv1 Rx system in transortable case Plus extra sensor

17)6 monitor mount 2×3 2rows 3 monitors pry row desk mount.

18) iPad early gen with WiFi only

19) iPad 3or4 cell and WiFi

20) desk mount mic mount/iPad/iPhone maybe 2 if I don’t use one for my iPad Pro

21) Logitech trackball wired

Or if you want a button box let me know what inputs how many of each and button box or aircraft panel?

Maybe more to follow this is what I can pull off the top of my head.

*Note: I am planning on attending the flight sim expo in Las Vegas this June and unless I end up fly I’ll be able to bring them there it desired.

**( possible sales as is )**

CapToGlove complete setup. I bought and haven’t gotten it to work I think part might be my laptop. Included is a glove with sensor + sensor for each of two hands. Hard case, chargers

Ptnl ctrl once I am able to work out some other problems and it fails to work for me then it will for sale.