2020 Week 3 : Digital Combat Simulator: World 2.5

Digital Combat Simulator:World 2.5 more commonly referred to as DCS:World 2.5 is a study level simulation program that h as four maps or terrains that are your area of responsibility for conducting your mission to save the world from the Russians if you’re Bluefor or he Americans if your Redfor. You have planes, ground vehicles,ships and infantry to use in you mission to save mankind from destruction. You have currently three colorations.the Blue the Americans and their allies, the Russians and their allies and the insurgents and neutral countries. The can change and mix them up. A couple of new collations are starting to be added with the Chinese just recently. It isn’t a sim you jump in to a fly and kick butt off the bat. It is a true study sim where you basically study the operation manuals for the real aircraft .

A little history as I understand it. DCS started life as lock on series of flight sims. Plus the contract work they were doing for the American military. As I get in to the particular aircraft mods I’ll get you more of the background info. The first mod that was release was the KA-50 Black Shark Helicopter. DCS is currently being produced by ED or as the are really know as Eagle Dynamics team.

When you download DCS:World 2.5 the current version you receive one terrain or map and two aircraft for free. The terrain is the Caucasus where you fly and fight over the Black Sea and inland. The two aircraft are the PT-51 and the SU-33. That way you can fly for either side. One of the nicest things is the Mission Editor where you can build your own missions using almost every airframe released to fly as ai aircraft plus about twice as many aircraft that haven’t been released as flyable. You have artillery and ground vehicles plus soldiers to use in your missions, more on the mission editor in a later article on just it or it may take several articles to cover it in-depth. From your main menu you have instant missions, quick mission builder, campaigns, missions, training missions, multiplayer mode, mission editor and the exit. Plus up top you have your module manager, controls, online/offline mode toggle and your login/logout toggle. Along the bottom are badges iirc that represents all the office dcs modules. If you own it it will allow you to change your background image and access your mod, if you haven’t purchased the mod you still can change your wallpaper but it will link you to the Eagle Dynamics website to purchase the mod.