2020 Week 5 : Different configurations for the vr sim pit

With a throttle and stick you can fly combat aircraft like the F-15 or F18 on the USAF side you got the F14 and F-18 for the USN carrier force. Or on the Civilian track the piper cub could be flown. For the A-10, F-15, F14,and F-18 aircraft I will use the Thrustmaster Warthog Stick with 2 extensions the Warthog Throttle and TRP pedals. For the F-16 and other single engine aircraft I’ll swap out the warthog throttle for a Thrustmaster Cougar throttle that has been modded to update it to usb and better axis control.

With a yoke and throttle you fly commercial aircraft for the airlines or a twin otter to hit the bush strips. Also big military transport aircraft can be flown with this setup. For the commercial and general aviation aircraft that use a yoke I’ll swap in the Honeycomb Alpha yoke and the Honeycomb Beta Throttle Quadrant when it’s released later this year.

If you use a collective and stick or cyclic you can fly helicopters like the huey or it’s civilian counterpart the Bell 206 iirc. Or you got the French Gazelle, or Russian mi-8 and KA-50. Or any number of the helicopters in XP11. For these I’ll use the warthog stick with 2 extensions and a Maxflight collective with the TRP pedals.

Throw in a steering wheel and accelerator and brake pedal you race nascar, Indy or street race cars depending on your interest in the driving games. I have a Thrustmaster PC/PS4 Racing controls.

Addin the farm tractor control kit and your set to raise barley or hay. I haven’t ventured in to the farming simulator yet or the train or construction simulator yet.