2020 Week 13 : 3rd Party Pit Mods

This weeks topic is 3rd party apps for the pit. These are hardware devices along with software that help transform you in to an immersive virtual world. All three fool three to four of your senses in to believing it is in a virtual world. The first is the Gametrix flight cushion the second is my oculus rift s virtual reality system and the last is the Point CTRL system.

These three systems fool your eyes, ears and body into thinking it’s in the virtual cockpit. The Point Ctrl allows you to manipulate a switch, button or knob without having to hit a hotas button, say anything, or pick up a devise to try and manipulate it. You have this device on your hmd already with a little laser to designate the switch,button or knob and a little light weight device on your index finger of either hand with buttons that emulate mouse buttons and wheel. It fantastic. Check them out.

And the ideal advantage of this over a multi monitor setup is your cockpit is reconfigured to match the cockpit of the airframe automatically. The most you may need to do is swap out the hotas or part of it. Also you’re not limited to aircraft you can with the proper controls drive a tractor or heavy equipment, race vehicles or even be a train conductor. Currently my pit is able to fly helicopters, stick driven aircraft, yoke drive aircraft, a motor vehicle, maybe a pleasure boat nothing to big. I have the train controller and farming controllers in my cart on amazon just awaiting me to check out. Let’s learn more this is still a surface familiarization with these items I’ll do an in-depth review with av support when the time comes. Continue

2020 Week 12: Add-on Software

Well this is the software for flight simulation week. DCS has several add-on software mods or apps that are used my many to add or increase the functionality or immersion of the sim. XP11 has a different set of add-on software that it’s community uses. Well today I’ll be listing them and in future posts well will discuss each of them in more detail.

Let’s get to them.


2020 Week 11 : Modding my Thrustmaster equipment

Well this week article is on modifying my Thrustmaster controls. It seems that despite the quality that goes into the manufacturing of these fine products there’s room for improvement. So because of newer technology in the case of the Cougar, some for taste in the TPR and WH Throttle. All mods came from the DCS forums mainly either the input output or the Thrustmaster sub forums.


2020 Week 10 : DCS Utility

SkateZilla’s contribution to DCS : World is a 3rd party app called DCS Utility. It is a masterful configuration application in my opinion it is my one stop DCS WORLD entry way. I load up DCS Utility and configure it for my dcs builds clean, repair and update dcs at a touch of a button. After that I may launch DCS World in either vr or non vr mode at a touch of another button. And after I have configure srs, my vr software, VoiceAttack and TeamSpeak to mention a few there’s no need to open these apps before or during my dcs session as DCS Utility has open them with limited options on opening but they waiting on me to configure them ive been tweaking my apps one at a time once it’s the way I wanted it I move on to the next app get it up and running the onward we go.

In My Honest Opinion this is one of the easiest to use configuration apps. I use it as my one stop configuration editor for DCS World. It allows me to configure dcs for what I have in mind for today is it mission building so no vr and no srs, TeamSpeak, or other 3rd party Add-Ons, just the basic dcs world stable or beta with the mods I need for the mission. Continue

2020 Week 8: DCS: World

This week I’m going to introduce you to one of the best combat flight simulators out there for a home computer.grant it it needs some power to look naturally and even more for vr.

DCS: World consist of three types of modules, the terrain or maps, the aircraft or other similar type of item that you might find your self in, and lastly the campaigns or mission modules.

Maps are where you exist in dcs. Weather it’s the default Caucasus area, souther Nevada, Persian Gulf or Normandy. Coming out this year is the Marinara island map. The default Caucasus map is the free map that has been updated to the standards of the latest map our there. In my mind each map serves a purpose the Caucasus for a European conflict area to fight the Warsaw Pact. The NTTR is best used for training both a-a and a-g just like the usaf does in rl. The Normandy map is for the wwii mainland conflicts or Western Europe conflicts. The Persian Gulf is where we can fight the modern conflicts. Soon the wwii guys get a new free map of the marinara islands to give them Guam and costal conflict with carrier launched aircraft.

The most overlooked of the modules imo are the campaigns especially for those that don’t want to or can’t fly on multiplayer servers.you can learn proper techniques if desired or just go out a blow stuff up. But unless you prefer to create your on missions/campaigns then this is money well spent in my books. Campaigns are missions that are linked together in a storyline normally.

The aircraft mods are the aircraft, helicopter, ship or ground vehicle that you might use to get along when not running around like a soldier. You can hop in a TF-51D, or a huey read the books and learn its systems go through the training missions and go even farther and watch the tutorials done by several guys that show you what to do when to do it and how to do it. Ok get to the main page for this article by hitting Continue

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