Impromptu post

I regularly peruse YouTube, discord and several flt sim related forums. The forums are dcs’ s, xp11’sand several others looking for cream da la cream information. Some I look for are info to make dcs and xp11 better in my eyes, not just visually but all round virtually. I’m trying to learn things to make me a meter simmer. Personified mission builder for dcs and for xp a better pilot,designer etc.

I. Looking for proper procedures on the air field, in the pattern etc. I found a simmer who has similar views and a similar career except he was an officer and I was enlisted.

As far as the pit nothing has been done yet still now lights so limited light for viewing but I a late sleeper as you can tell.

Main pc is still waiting to begin. Friend who’s building it for me is either working full time 7 days a week or deathly sic.

Laptop got the old drives out got a 4gb ssd in, took a 1 tb ssd out. Got a 2tb nvme m.2 drive in and 2 1.25 go nvme m.2 out plus there’s supposed to be a third m.2 slot on the board buy I fought with the weird mounting setup until I was finished. Now need to find 3 or more m.2 drives for os, xp11 so I’m looking thru my reserves to see what’s available. Once a the other two m.2 drives are settled on I’ll be progressing on.

As for modding the hotas Ed and other controls I;ll keep you posted.

  • 1) TM Warthog Stick – Just Another Slew Control mod by AlphaDeltaLima is complete
  • 2) TM Cougar Throttle – Magnetic sensors and usb direct pcb mod by El4y awaiting
  • 3) TM Cougar Stick -Magnetic sensors mod by El4y awaiting
  • 4) PointCtrl – mouseless vr emulator mod setup but hasn’t be tested
  • 5) TM Warthog Stick – 2x tall extensions mod by Sahaj complete hoping to get a single curved extension to replace the 2 straight extensions. I have or wheel have pull before flight storage covers for the following: tm wh stick with two extensions, tm wh throttle, th cougar hotas and finally the cover for the tm TPR pedals. I also have at least one of each of the the warthog stick springs to test and desire on which works best for me.
  • 6) TM TPR pedals – adding the damper mod to it. Status is awaiting the rest of the hardware.

Well I guess that’s enough for now once the laptop is finished with mods and software setup I’ll break in the routine and post the details and later do a complete report at the next opening. I’m also going back and checking the links are working and adding search categories.

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