2020 Week 7: HOTAS Controls

Welcome back to the blog. How’s the new year treating you. This weeks topic is going to cover the 3 HOTAS or Hands on Throttle and Stick controls. I use two Thrustmaster setups the older Cougar and the newer Warthog setups. This month I’m going to go over the controls and or mods I’ve either have installed or will real soon. The third hotas is for rotary wing aircraft and it is the Pro Flight Trainer Puma. Let’s get to it.

The first setup I’m going to cover is the TM Warthog. The only mod to this has been replacing the notorious slew control. I replaced the original with the another slew control by DeltaAlphaLima1. It was easy to do the mod. Just remove the screws holding the right throttle grip together, unplug the original slew control, pop it out the put the new one in pop on the switch head in this case a reverse dome head then plug it in and put the grip back together. Then calibrate the device. Your set to go. I have tried other hotas setups but this has to be the best one for the value. The grip is modeled after the A-10C grip has similar controls in the same locations on the grip. It has to be one of the more used setups in the combat flight simulator community. The throttle is also modeled after the the A-10C throttle with similar controls located in the same positions. The manufacturer added a couple of small switch panels plus a few other controls on the base of the throttle. IIRC perty much the items needed to start up the A-10C.

My second setup is the older TM Cougar HOTAS. It was modeled after the F-16 Viper. It is no longer being made or supported if what I read is correct. The future mods for this are replacing the pcb with a usb pcb so I connect it to the system without having to plug it in to the Cougar stick. I’m also, replacing the potentiometers with magnetic sensors made by they same individual that made the usb pcb, Rel4y. That the axis control in the throttle and the two axis controls in the stick. Replacing the old potentiometers will clean up the readings from both. The only noticeable difference between the Cougar and Warthog other than the bases is the Cougar has engraved control functions next to the controls. My plan is to set the throttle next to the Warthog throttle to the outside of it.the stick will be placed on the right hand side shelf to represent the F-16 setup. The switch on the grip of both the Cougar and Warthog are two stage Switches. Which mean press it a little get one reading press more get a second reading.

The third setup is the Puma by Pro Flight Trainer. It includes the cyclic, collective and torque pedals all mounted to a central frame. One mod I have planed for this is adding motorcycle stearing dampners to the three controls. This will make the controls feel more realistic. The grip on the cyclic is. B-4 Grip which is similar to the UH-1 Huey. The head on the collective is a small box with two buttons and two (on-on-on) toggle switches the right one acts as a mode switch for both the box on the collective and the controls on the cyclic’s grip. Giving each control three setting for each position. The trigger on the grip is a single stage or one position switch o or of momentary.

I light these three controls the most of what I use for the aircraft that use stick for the control axises. Next month I cover the rest of the controls I use for flight simulators. I prefer using conchs the mimic thes ones in the aircraft I’m flying oras close as I can. It helps with the immersion, that and the free head sets. In future post I plan oncovering some unusual controls that hopefully will allow me to manipulate the controls in dcs and X-Plane aircraft.