2020 Week 6: My Sim Pit

My simulator Platform is based on a Speedmaster Flight seat. I added a platform under it to make it easier to ingress and egress. It has both the Thrustmaster Cougar and Warthog HOTAS. Plus the Honeycomb yoke and soon to be released throttle for commercial and general aviation. For helicopters I added a Maxflight collective. Generic to all the aircraft setups is the Thrustmaster TPR rudder pedals. For automotive sims I have a Thrustmaster steering wheel and accelerator and brake pedals. For visual emersion I use an OculusRift S and or a 32″ curvered monitor on a monitor mount from speedmaster. This is a great setup imo.

The Speedmaster Flight includes a seat with a front tubular frame that hosts two side shelves and two forward shelves and a keyboard shelf in the center. I added on the additional monitor mount. The seat moves forward and back just like the one in you car it also reclines like your automotive seat and is quite comfortable. Imo it is an automotive seat.

The controls I use are mainly Thrustmaster products. The Cougar HOTAS is model after the F-16 stick and throttle. The Warthog HOTAS is modeled after the A-10 stick and throttle. the pedals are the TM TPR. The collective is an old MaxFlight model that was modified from its original setup. The racing wheel and pedals are semi realistic a medium between toy and automotive but I’m not a big auto simmer. The Honeycomb yoke and Throttle are actually above par where quality is concerned.

The controls I’ve listed allow me to drive autos and fly about any aircraft out there, from general aviation to military fixed and rotary wing aircraft.