Sorry for the lack of content

I haven’t been feeling the best this month most of it was spent on my back in bed. I had plans to post several articles this month namely the recast og the CaptoGloves articles, the next part(s) of the dcs articles and an a article on the new mod the YAK-52 butmy pit it’s complete ot usable atm. I need a Trip to town for half a dozen items or more plus the arrival of the monitor unit designed for the base Pit. Still awaiting word of shipment of the mount then wire up everything and finish all software setups. The first page will be the CaptoGloves articles but from what I’m reading on others luck I don’t have great hope.

Once I get the pit up and going I’ll get back to reviewing hints flight sim related especially XPlane 11 and DCS World. I’ll try to keep you post with updates I’ll try to be caught up on the article schedule ASAP by releasing articles as soon as I can until caught up then back to the one hardware and one software review every month plus any new mod release reviews in DCS.

As far as possible articles I’ll create a list of upcoming articles based on the software and hardware I have or get access to.

If you want something on the list or can get me the item to review please let me know.

Most everything I use is modded in some shape or fashion.


Delay in CaptoGloves review I’m sorry for the delay in releasing the final parts of the CaptoGloves b

Between my poor health this month and a unscheduled but need revision of my cockpit I’ve not been able to review the CaptoGloves gloves and additional sensors they sent me free. I had a procedure that took a couple of weeks to recover from just to find out that the part they haven’t replaced isn’t working correctly so it isn’t activated, then with the early monsoon season that hit this year my cspine has been giving me fits with nerve spasms. Between that the weather I’ve spent the majority of the month in bed.

Again I appogize for the unscheduled delay but hope to catchup by the end of August if at all possible.

Digital Combat Simulator: World vers 2.5

DCS:World 2.5 is a study level combat simulation world. It ships for free with couple of aircraft at least one per side. The free man is of the Caucasus area of the Georgia/Russia Black Sea area of the world. There are three more maps available in order of release NevadaTest and Training ranges of the Nellis Nv area of the USA plus a highly detailed Vegas strip with unique names for the highlight items.

Besides the. Maps or terrains there are plenty of aircraft mods with a starter pak called flaming cliffs 3 it has the a-10 a, f-15c plus a couple others for the blue side the red side gets a couple migs and Su’s. the big us mods are a-10c, uh-1h, f-86, spitfire, harrier, hornet and f-5e for blufor. Redfor get more Su’s and migs,there a couple British planes and Spanish and French planes plus a few that I’ve not listed here but will in the complete coverage of dcs:world that should appear in a weekly part of my review of this fine product. See the first part next Monday on the GUI and base screen.

Welcome again

Well it appears the blog will be update more than once a month as I figure to do a minimum of two monthly posts, one hardware review and one software review. Plus post on updates to dcs and xp11 which will require me to get back involved with it more. This month the hardware review is the Acer Predator 17X gaming laptop, the software will be DCS:World 2.5. Plus a bonus post on the new CaptoGloves user interface device. The first part went live today along with the laptop review.

The schedule for the posting that I hope to hold to is hardware on the first and software on the 15th of the month.these posts will be site pages that can be addressed thru a,Menu system as well as the post that was released that day. If I feel something needs to be said like something really great in an update or an announcement of a product etc I’ll try. To make a blog post that day. Also when and if I feel the need to brag on a mission I was involved with or a YouTube video I feel needs cudos I’ll blog post those also.

Ok that is it for this post I hope you really enjoy the site as it will be a living organism constantly growing and being fill with information. Please leave questions and comments on the blog posts and if I make a mistake please let me know so I can correct it. I use an iPad to write most posts and it has a mind of its own.


Welcome to Blackey’s Blog

This is a place holder until I can create the initial page down the road.  The increase in a long time hobby,Flight simulation, I’ve been a fan since I bought my first Commodore 64 and loaded sub logic’s flight which later was bought by Microsoft and became the long live Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We we will get into more specific’s in The time to come I’ll describe my setups and reviews of each item involved in the project.  The project if it proceeds will be taking the following items and merging them in to my sim pit I’m thanking of calling Franken pit.

the intense so far are:

Digital Combat Simulator:World will be referred to as DCS in the future.

X-Plane 11 will be referred to as xp11 in the future.

Oculus Rift CV1to be referee to simply by as the Rift in the future.

Pro Flight Trainer Puma to be referred. As the Puma in the future.

Speedmaster Flight seat to be referred to as Flight Seat in the future

Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS to be referred as tm wh hotas in the future.

vKB Gladiator stick to be referred to as the Gladiator in the future.

Acer Predator 17X laptop to be referred to as main pc or flight pc in the future.

HP DV-7 17″ laptop to be referred to as backup pc or server pc.

More items are coming.

I hope you really like this blog and will recommend it to your fellow simmers.